Do You Need a Medicaid Attorney?

Paying for long-term care is never easy for anyone. Whether you’ve spent your whole life saving for an emergency like this, or it was an unexpected tragedy, it can be hard to know when you’re going to need medical care for a loved one, such as your spouse.

There are many law firms more than willing to help those in need of Medicaid assistance, as well as ones that have the skills and experience necessary to get you the help you need to get assistance in paying for long-term care. The question is, do you need the help of an attorney?

  • You’re facing debt. If you are constantly receiving calls from debt collectors and have been slowly paying bills off for years, paying for medical assistance can seem impossible. Even if you’re facing a handful of debt, you can still receive Medicaid assistance, which an attorney can help you obtain.
  • You’re not aware of your rights. Often times, senior citizens have different rights than others. Because seniors with disabilities can be vulnerable, especially in financial situations, long-term care lawyers know how to delicately handle their problems and go to bat for them in the courtroom.
  • There’s nowhere to turn. A Medicaid attorney has the resources and information available for the elderly, if they have nowhere else to turn. Sometimes, a senior citizen is left with no options if their spouse is suffering from medical complications, so hiring a lawyer can help you get the answers you need to continue living successfully.

It may seem like getting help as you get older gets tougher and tougher, but at Stan Sims Law, there are professionals who are fighting for your rights and your best interests.